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February 24th, 2014


Upcoming Course Offerings

Florida Department of Revenue:

March 24 - 28, 2014 Tallahasee

IAAO 101 - Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal

IAAO 112 - Income Approach to Valuation II

IAAO 600 - Principles &Techniques of Cadastral Mapping

IAAO 331 - Mass Appraisal Practices and Procedures


May 2014 TBD

IAAO 300 Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal

IAAO 311 Residential Modeling Concepts

IAAO 400 Assessment Administration

CEW 996 Continuing Education Workshop for Property Appraisers

June 23-27, 2014  Lake Mary

TCC 502 - Management

August 2014 TBD

IAAO 102 Income Approach to Valuation

IAAO 201 Appraisal of Land

IAAO 312 Commercial/Industrial Modeling Concepts

IAAO 402 Tax Policy

August 18-22, 2014  Tallahassee

TCC 504 Collection of Licenses, Taxes and Fees


FACM is please to announce that Effective April 1st, 2013 the following materials will be available from the FACM website, FREE for download:

FACM 01 - Mathmatics for the Cadastralist

FACM 02 - Public Land Survey System for the Cadastral Mapper

FACM 03 - Interpretation of Real Property Descriptions

FACM 04 - Basic Map Compilation

If you do not have the ability to download, hard copy versions are still available from FACM for a cost of $50.00 each. Please contact the Education Chair at facm.education@gmail.com to place an order. Due to this new availability, please note that as of this date the FACM Course Challenge fees will be as follows:

FACM members: Course Challenge: $250.00 (Course Challenge Re-examination - $150.00

Non FACM members: Course Challenge: $325.00 (Course Challenge Re-examination - $150.00)


We are also looking for FACM instructors. To become an instructor you must be an MCF, CCF, or CCM designation holder. We also contract with professional surveyors to be our instructors when needed. You must be a member of FACM and will need to shadow an instructor and participate in some instruction before you are certified to instruct our courses. If interested please see a member of the FACM Education Committee.


If you have any questions please contact the FACM Education Committee via email facm.education@gmail.com.

For Scholarship information click the Scholarships link under Quick Links on the left side of this page.


Education Objective

All courses are recommended to be taken in class order and should not be deviated from. By taking them in order the students alleviate any problems by having the knowledge to go to the next course. The courses are now being given in course order which will help students target their educational needs. Each course now will have a prerequisite that is recommended to be taken before the subject course. By establishing these guidelines the FACM board is trying to establish a higher quality of education, a more respected Designation and a easier path to final designation.

In order to achieve this Objective, FACM and the Florida Department of Revenue have partnered to deliver these, and IAAO courses, from time to time throughout the year. Please see the DOR Training Plan for more details at;  http://dor.myflorida.com/dor/property/training/trainingplan.pdf


There are two designations that are obtainable by completing all four FACM courses. One is the CCF (Certified Cadastralist of Florida) designation that is awarded to those members  that successfully take all four FACM courses and IAAO Course 600 or Course 601 and currently work for a Property Appraisal Office or the Florida Department of Revenue.  Those members not working for a Property Appraisal Office but completing the same CCF course requirements can apply for the CCM (Certified Cadastral Mapper) designation.  Also offered is a MCF (Master Cadastralist of Florida) designation that is tested on the culmination of all phases of the cadastral mapping profession.  The requirements and applicant form are given below the following information.  Complete Information and requirements and courses for the CCF and CCM designations are listed immediately below.

Information on Certified Cadastral of Florida (CCF) and
Certified Cadastral Mapper Designation (CCM)

Detailed Course Descriptions and Cadastralist Program (includes CCF Application)
CCM Designation Description
CCM Designation Application Form

Click for DOR GIS and Cadastral Workshop Schedule Nov 2010 to October 2011
Click here for DOR FACM Course Descriptions
Click here for IAAO Course Descriptions
Click Here for Florida Property Tax Oversight Program Calendar

To register for FACM course 01, 02, 03 or 04, complete the FACM Course Enrollment form;

IAAO course 101 Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal

*IAAO course 600 Principles & Techniques of Cadastral Mapping or

IAAO course 601 Cadastral Mapping Methods and Applications

* Required course to obtain CCF designation

Taking a Course

DOR Classes:
Each student who wishes to still take a course through DOR should follow the DOR requirements. (see hyper-link)

On-Site Course Requirements:
All Counties who wish to hold a course should submit a FACM Enrollment Form with dates and approved places to hold the course to the Education Chairman. There should be at least 2 months of preparation time to allow for getting course material copied and to find a suitable instructor with an approved date. The Instructor will be paid for all incidentals and for teaching the course. The county will not have to pay the Instructor.

There is a minimum requirement of 10 students @ $300 per student. Even if there are not 10 students the county can pay for 10 students and still hold the class.

There will be a posting on the FACM web site under events of all courses being held with there dates and places. If the county hosting wishes to open up the course for surrounding counties to help defray cost, then it will rest with that county to do so.

Course Challenging Requirements:

Any individual who wishes to challenge any course may do so by submitting a request. The request form should be mailed to the FACM Treasurer with payment (see payment fees below). Course material for the course ordered will be mailed to the individual for studying prior to taking the course test. The individual will have 30 days from the shipping of material to schedule for a proctor to administer the test. To arrange for a proctor the individual must submit to the Education Chairman in writing or via e-mail when they are ready to take the test. If the individual fails to submit for a proctor in the allotted time frame they will then have to submit all over again for a proctor minus any fees for material already received. The Proctor must be from another county and cannot be from the same office or county to avoid any conflict. If the individual passes a certificate will be issued to that person. If they fail they can re-submit to take the course again minus the fees for course material after 60 days from notice of failure.

Charges for  Books and Testing

FACM Members only:
Course Books $50
Test (1st time) $125
Re-Test (each time there after) $125

Non FACM Members:
Course Books $100
Test (1st time) $250
Re-Test (each time there after) $250

These fees also apply to any individual who takes a course through DOR, On-Site courses or challenges who fail, can also re-test with these requirements.

Proctors & Instructors

Proctor List & Proctor Rules for Challenging Courses: Approved Proctor List (proctor list) Proctor Rules:

1) Each proctor will be approved by the FACM board and will be listed on the web site of Approved Proctors.

2) The Proctor will be notified by the Education Chairman and will arrange for a suitable time and place to give the test.

3) The Proctor will be mailed the test and will be required to mail it back to the Education Chairman as soon as the test is complete.

4) The Education Chairman will grade the test and notify the individual if they passed or fail.

5) The Proctor will only be there to administer the test, not to answer questions from the student. This is the same rule all instructors follow when giving the test for DOR. The Proctor will not have an answer key, only the Educational Chairman will. If there are questions they can only pertain to how to answer a question or if they don't understand a Proctor can try and re-address the question to where the student may be able to answer it.

MCF Designation

In addition to the CCF and CCM designations FACM offers an advanced designation, the Master Cadastralist of Florida (MCF) covering all phases of the cadastral mapping profession.  It is the highest designation given to FACM members.

Click here for MCF Application Form


1. Applicant must be an FACM member in good standing.

2. Applicant must submit a candidacy application form and fee to the Chairperson of the designation committee.

3. Applicant shall currently hold the Certified Cadastralist of Florida (CCF) designation or an equivalent combination of training and experience as approved by the designation committee.

4. Applicant shall have been employed in the cadastral mapping profession for at least five (5) years.

5. Candidate shall successfully complete a certification examination.


A validated examination is necessary to test the applicant's knowledge of cadastral mapping principals and techniques as well as State of Florida practices and procedures. The examination requires from six to eight hours to complete. Specific information regarding general format and content of the examination is provided to candidates prior to taking the examination. The examination may be taken two times a year but not more than one time in a three month period.


A fee of $25.00 must accompany the application for MCF designation. Checks should be made out to:


and mailed to:

Jeffrey C. Maasch
Designations Committee Chairman
308 Granada St.
Fort Pierce, FL 34949

This fee is good for a three-year period. A $50.00 fee is charged each time the applicant takes the examination. This fee should accompany a letter of intent to take the examination and mailed to the Chairman.


A $15.00 re-certification renewal fee is due and payable by the 31st day of December, every third year from the year of certification.  See "FEES" above for payment details.

Note: Florida Department of Revenue dropped CEU requirements several years ago, FACM followed suit.


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